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About Us

The Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Group (CYSTIG) is a cybersecurity consortium specializing in the provision of high-tech security solutions, training, and regulatory compliance services for various financial, governmental, and industrial organizations.

Our core technology team possesses over 80 years of cumulative experience working in various facets of cybersecurity and commerce, and holding top industry certifications including the CISSP, QSACEHNPFAT. and CCE.

Our clients include renowned financial institutions and law enforcement agencies in West Africa and beyond.

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Why We Do What We Do

There is an ever-rising threat on the cybersecurity front, given the ease of access to the Internet and the various new forms of malware, hacking tools, and peer-to-peer software. This is resulting in an increased number of cybercrimes that leave corporations, financial institutions, government organizations vulnerable to these threats. Our goal is to support clients in the public and private sectors by providing them with the right tools to combat these cybersecurity threats to ensure they can continue to function safely and securely. This includes the training of clientele to provide them with the necessary skills to handle threats and exploitations of the information infrastructure.

About Us: About
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