The CYSTIG Team works with technology partners to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of our prospective clients.

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Penetration testing is vital to an organization's network security. Given current day technological advancements, human facilitated penetration testing is no longer as efficient as it used to be. Penetration testing with artificial intelligence is much more developed to keep up with the high demands of the current technological landscape, making it more effective in protecting organizations against threats and strengthening networks in a much more timely manner.

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Given the fast pace of software device development, most technology vendors are not able to keep up with identifying security flaws within their systems. This results in enterprises being left vulnerable to attack by bad actors. The vulnerability assessment process allows enterprises to identify these security flaws through the CYSTIG Team and fix issues such as outdated software, unapplied system patches, and misconfigured systems.

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Thousands of new forms of malware are developed each day. It is a daunting task for organizations to identify and eliminate these types of malware. It is only through automated means by which malware can be fully eliminated from a network. CYSTIG in partnership with Malwarebytes helps companies to set up a malware search and destroy solution. Malwarebytes also has the ability to roll back ransomware attacks back to 72 hours before the attack.

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Network visibility ensures total visibility of all devices that are found on a company's network. This awareness of what devices are present on the network is critical to mitigating risks that may arise from forgotten devices or devices that were presumed to be removed from the networks. Risks may include open ports that can allow unwanted entry by attackers into a company's network. CYSTIG in partnership with CybernetIQ will help enterprises identify any exposed devices on the network by giving an inventory of every device possessing an IP address on the network to prevent unexpected vulnerabilities.

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CYSTIG plays an advisory or consulting role to assist enterprises in the planning, building, and operation of a Security Operation Center with the most current cutting-edge technologies.

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Network Packet Forensics is a scientific method of capturing, decoding, and reconstructing network packets for analysis to determine the 5 Ws and present the evidence to the management or law enforcement agency for onward disciplinary and prosecutional action. This method of capturing must be legal and all users on the network must be informed that such a process is taking place. CYSTIG in partnership with Decision Group Inc offers such services to clients in the public and private sectors.

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Digital forensics is the application of digital science to law. This process involves the acquisition, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence to determine how a digital infraction or crime occurs. The digital evidence can exist on media such as; external storage drives, internal drives of computer systems, optical media, servers, and other electronic devices capable of data storage. CYSTIG in partnership with CFG Forensics Inc will provide such services to clients on request.

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CYSTIG will assist our clients in assessing the competencies of their employees with respect to particular technologies that the client uses. We use the skills gap analysis to plan out a training program to aid employees in gaining the necessary skills to enhance their competency levels in carrying out day-to-day activities within their employ. This assessment and training is performed in partnership with the Wilfred Institute based in Brampton, Ontario. Wilfred Institute has been a provider of career and professional development training in various technologies including Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, Cybercrime Investigation, Digital Forensics, Security Awareness, Ethical Hacking, and Ethics in Information Security.

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Cybercrime is any crime committed using a computer or an electronic gadget that has a mini-computer embedded in it, such as a smartphone, or in the process of committing a crime, a computer was used as an accessory to produce the item or material which is criminal in nature. CYSTIG in partnership with CFG Forensics will provide clients with investigation, reporting, and remediation services.

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The PCI DSS is an information security standard for issuers of payment cards. Organizations that must meet the requirements set forth in the standard often have a difficult time finding where to start off in ensuring their organization is complying with the PCI DSS. CYSTIG will perform a pre-assessment for our clients to help them be prepared for the actual PCI DSS audit.